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Vegetable Quiche
Filled with colourful chunky vegetables and large enough to serve a crowd. This would make not only a decorative addition to any feast. Roasted vegetables, and including strong cheese with its distinctive flavour, ensures that it is very moorish too.

Salmon and Spinach Quiche 
Salmon is a great fish in a quiche, we’ve mixed ours with spinach in a creamy sauce finished in a buttery pastry case.

Quiche Lorraine

The best known quiche, Quiche Lorraine, filled with savoury egg base with delicious bacon, onion and cheese.


Light Bites

Goat Cheese Quiche

Buttery crust filled with roasted peppers, earthy goat cheese, and fresh broccoli baked to perfection. This Goat Cheese Quiche is a great breakfast or brunch dish that is guaranteed to please.


Sausage Roll
Covered with a flaky puff pastry our sausage rolls are the best of a classic. Filled end to end with a lightly spiced sausage mix and baked to a golden brown. Delicious hot or cold.

Spinach Rolls

For vegetarians, or for those who just don't want to eat meat, we have our spinach roll. Lightly seasoned spinach and ricotta mix fills these delicious snacks or mealtime treats. Can be eaten hot or cold.


Tear and Share 

A swirl of freshly baked bread loaded with parmesan cheese, spinach, jalapeno and a sprinkle of salt. Spicy and special. You may not want to share it!

English  Muffin

Toasted round muffins with a filling of your choice; egg, bacon, cumberland sausage, cheese, avocado, salmon, tomato. 

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