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About Us



I won’t bore you with the whole long story, so I better just start with the happy ending.

I studied to be a Pastry Chef in Czech Republic and my dream became my truth, with opening my own bakery. It may be only the beginning but a happy ending all the same. I was dreaming of this desire for years.

I am blessed to have an occupation that I love doing. Envision doing a job that you hoped and wished for! Even if that means starting your day at 4 am or working over the weekend. As much as it can be exhausting, imagine waking everyday, looking forward to going to work, to complete a job that you are passionate about. Those are my exact feelings towards baking, whether it's making pastries or inventing a glorious cake for my customers. 

Our company name Hart represents the hard early mornings, the long days in the kitchen and the weekend working, which keeps the ovens warm and ready to go. Lova stands for passion, desire and imagination for the love we put into creating our products. That is what makes us different from other bakeries, because every single cake, bread or product is like our first and only baby, extremely precious. 

Hart & Lova Bakery = Simply love baking 


Andrea Hartlova 

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