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White and Wholemeal Bread

Classic bread, baked to perfection, containing no additives or preservatives. Topped with a crunchy crust these breads are perfect for sandwiches, toasting or just plain bread and butter eating. Contains gluten.

Spelt and Rye
An ancient grain cultivated since the Bronze Age, is enjoying a revival. It’s a nutty flavour, rich in vitamins and minerals. Since the grain is water-soluble, spelt is also easy on the digestive system. Mixed with rye it makes a darker, dense and intensely flavoured loaf. Contains gluten.


Campagrain Bread

Authentic French bread, mixed with a blend of five flours and four seeds giving a light texture and crustiness. Wonderful with pate, spreads or served with a warm bowl of soup. Contains gluten.



Puffy Italian flatbread made using plenty of olive oil with a distinctive dimpled and salted top. Ours has a hint of rosemary and delicious black olives. Great served fresh as a side, toasted or as a base for Italian-style sandwich fillings like mozzarella and pesto. Contains gluten.



A naturally leavened bread increasingly popular for its health properties including antioxidant benefits.  Ours contains a mix of 70% white, 25% wholemeal and 5% rye flour.  Can be used for sandwiches, toasting, grilling or just freshly sliced, sourdough bread compliments every meal. Contains gluten.

English Muffin

Freshly toasted and buttered the English muffin is good anytime of the day! A round yeast-leavened bread, can also double as a sandwich roll lending itself particularly well to savouries like bacon and smoked salmon or for the more adventurous, sweet toppings like peanut butter and chocolate spreads. Contains gluten.

Challah - The Braided Bread

Beautifully braided, yeasty bread made with egg-enriched dough that gives it a distinctive yellowish interior and a smooth brown finish. Great toasted and also makes wonderful French toast. Contains gluten.

Rye Bread

A European favourite, 100% rye has a darker colour with a stronger, earthier flavour. Its dense texture makes it perfect for open-faced sandwiches. Rye provides high fibre, lower gluten content, a delicious and healthy option. Contains gluten.


Crusty and browned on the outside, soft and white on the inside, this is the classic French loaf. Best eaten on the day of purchase, this versatile bread can accompany any meal. Can be made into a sandwich or consumed as a filling snack on the run. It's a classic! Contains gluten.

Bread Rolls 

Our bread rolls are small, usually round or oblong individual loafs of bread. Could be served as a meal accompaniment, eaten whole or cut and dressed with a variety of fillings. Contains gluten.

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