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Celebration Cakes

Celebrate life’s sweetest moments with
Hart &  Lova! 

Whatever you're preparing to celebrate we will cater to your request. Whether it be your wedding, baby shower, birthday or graduation, our team will work with you to create personalised celebratory cakes or desserts to match your event.

Celebration Cakes are available in:

8”, 10”, 12” round

8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, 12” x 12” and 14” x 14” square.

Wedding Chocolate Cake HLB.jpg

To best assist you with your celebratory needs, we ask that you go to our Contact Us page and submit your personalised requirements. We recommend that you submit your messages and special requests early to avoid any disappointments.  An advanced payment is required once booking is confirmed.

Hart & Lova   Favorites

Victoria Sandwich
Traditional afternoon teacake, named after Queen Victoria, remains a classic. The sponge is made by the creaming method and this must be the best known and loved of all family cakes. Sandwich together with delicious strawberry jam
. Made with eggs, flour, butter and nuts.


Carrot Cake
Indulge with the flavours of carrot, cinnamon and pecan nuts. Its moist nature, gives this cake a special taste, covered in light vanilla icing. Made with p
ecan nuts, eggs, flour and dairy.

Sacher Torte 

Classic Austrian chocolate cake, layered with apricot jam and finished with a lovely chocolate glazing. 

Chocolate Fudge Cake

We use rich Belgium chocolate in all our chocolate cakes. Our chocolate fudge cake is covered with chocolate ganage.


A French dessert with a really simple concept, the results are incredible, baked fruit in batter.
 Best served at room temperature. Ingredients include; dairy, eggs and flour.


Layered coffee soaked desert, with sweet mixture of mascarpone cheese. Cacao powder is sifted on top as garnish, a bitter counterpoint to the sweetened cheese mixture.

Swiss Roll 

Vanilla sponge corpus with delicious chocolate butter cream, covered in butter cream. Seasonal product (Christmas Log) Loaf of 8 or10 pieces

Green Tea Wedge Cake 

Made with white chocolate, dairy, flour, eggs, nuts and green tea powder. 

Lemon and Vanilla or Passion Fruit and Mango Fruit Cheesecake

Impressively subtle, traditional cake on a biscuit base, still light enough to have a slice to finish a big meal. 

Strawberry Frasier Cake 

Wonderful vanilla cream layer sponge cake with fresh strawberries, topped with summer fruits.

Baked berry cheesecake HLB.jpg
Strawberry Frasier HLB.jpg

Dark  Chocolate Cake 

A dessert mousse cake made with dark Belgium chocolate, seated on a rich chocolate fudge cake layer. Covered with chocolate ganage. 

Dark and Raspberry Chocolate Cake 

Dessert mousse made with dark Belgium chocolate, seating on a rich fudge cake with fresh raspberries, covered in ganage.

Milk Chocolate Cake

A dessert mousse made with milk Belgium chocolate, seating on a rich fudge cake.

White Chocolate Cake 

A dessert mousse made with white Belgium chocolate, seating on a rich chocolate fudge cake layer. Covered with chocolate wavelets.


An impressively subtle, traditional cake on the biscuit base, still light enough to have a slice to finish a big meal. Made with cream cheese, cream, lemon, vanilla, egg and flour.

What a Roll 

Vanilla sponge Swiss Roll, rolled with fresh fruit, jam and light vanilla cream. Ask for availability on the day.

Chocolate Eclair

An éclair is a pastry made with choux dough filled with cream and topped with icing . Ask for availability on the day.

Guinness    Cake
This cake is a grown-up treat! The velvety, dense and fudgy sponge has an intense malty flavour, which packs a punch, whilst the cream cheese icing balances the cake's sweet and tangy flavours. The combination of deep chocolate base and white topping helps the finished cake resemble a pint of the famous Irish stout.

All cakes available in 8”, 10”, 12” round, 8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, 12” x 12”, 14” x 14” square.

Please enquire for availability. 

Loaf Cakes

Ginger and Apple Cake
Soft, moist loaf cake with a predominant flavour of ginger, using brown sugar and real ginger candied steams.

Lemon Cake

For those, who don't like their homemade cakes too sweet. Grated rind from a lemon just takes the edge off that sweetness. It gives the cake a little sparkle that will leave you wanting more. Made with eggs, dairy, butter and rum. Limited availability.


Strawberry Tart  

Summer Berry and cream tart - shortcake base with fresh vanilla flavoured cream topped with summer fruits.

Individual tart, 8” round.


Raspberry Tart

Biscuit base with fresh vanilla flavoured cream topped with raspberry. Available 8” round.

Chocolate Tart 

Dark chocolate, cream and eggs, beaten together and poured into a crisp linzer shell.

Banana Tart 

Pieces of banana in caramel covered with almond paste in light sweet pastry shell. Available as an individual cake, 8” round.

Green Tea Tart 

Our green tea tart are full of flavour with a blissful aroma of green tea on a buttery biscuit base. Limited availability.

Chocolate Tart HLB sml.jpg

Bread and Butter Pudding 

Baked layered with slices of buttered chocolate bread, soaked in an egg and cream mixture. Ask for availability on the day.

Banana Cake

Moist and sweet cake with chocolate, mashed bananas and pecan nuts. 

Banana Tart .jpg

Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

Chocolate and raspberry tart - dark chocolate, cream and eggs beaten together and poured into a crisp linzer shell. 8” or 9” round. Limited availability. 

Lemon Tart

Our lemon tarts are full of flavour, sweet and sour lemon curd, finished with a linzer base.

Fruit and Almond Tart

Baked fruit filled in a linzer base, covered with almond paste and additional almonds for that full nutty flavour.

Pecan   Tart

Pecan nuts are grown in the southern states and are the inspiration for this most delicious pie. It is the first cousin to the treacle tart but the pecans make it unique. In 'bake-offs' it always wins a prize. It is at its most delectable served warm with vanilla ice cream.

Pumpkin Tart

A Thanksgiving 'must' (delicious all year-round to be honest). Pumpkin Pie is related to the English custard pie. The pumpkin gives the pie great lightness and the brown sugar provides that extra flavour.

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