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Cookies & Biscuits 


Chocolate Chips Cookies 

Cookie combines dough composed of butter, brown sugar, oats and chocolate chips.  Traditional cookies baked to a chewy sweet perfection. The taste experience is taken to a new level!

Sable Biscuits 
French round shortbread biscuit with crumbly texture, golden colour, whilst enriched with a delicate soft taste.

Chocolate Brownie

Rich chocolate cake, a cross between a cake and a cookie. Available - with chocolate chips

Wheat & Gluten Free Brownies

Ours freshly baked brownies contains gluten free flour, nuts and chocolate.

Short Bread  & Caramel Cookies 

Our smooth egg free buttery shortbread biscuits are a perfect slice of the Scottish classic while our caramel, chocolate chip biscuits (also egg-free) are a snacking treat for all ages.  Excellent for dunking in a cup of tea, coffee or even hot chocolate!

Jams &   Honey 

Pink Pastry HL .jpg

Coconut Macaroon 

Sweet, light and fluffy confection with a thick velvety centre and a crisp crust, made from egg whites and coconut powder.


French macarons are thin, flavourful meringue cookies that are sandwiched together with filling. Made with egg whites and lots of grounded nuts, which helps to attain that chewy texture without drying out and becoming too crispy. 

A simple meringue cookie made with just egg whites and sugar. 
Macaroons are available in different flavours, seasonal passion fruit, milk chocolate macaroons, earl grey macaroons, vanilla macaroons, green tea macaroons or raspberry macaroons.

Variety of Fruits Jams  

We are well known for our scrumptious homemade jams.  Available in Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry. 


Our homemade honey is silky, sticky and sweet, contact us to arrange collection.

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